Sundae's World LLC

We are a company based out of Denver, Colorado. We want to bring back the anticipation of kids waiting to get their next package in the mail.
Sundae, a penguin, loves to travel every month to new places. Sundae also loves getting mail! Let Sundae inspire your kids to explore new places and learn along the way.
We remember as kids asking our parents, how many toys can we take?! Whether we were taking our toys in the car, to the park, the zoo, or another city, we remember picking our favorite toys to take with us. This is what inspired us to create Sundae's World.
Sundae’s box is the perfect size and can easily be carried around since there are handles that pop out. Sundae's box includes up to six toys like surprise eggs, mystery boxes and blind bags.  He also sends a postcard from the city he traveled to sharing his experience with the kids and inspiring them to travel!

Sundae loves mail! Color a picture of Sundae and mail it in! Download a picture of Sundae to color below!